Dr. A. Keith Carreiro’s work centers around creative awareness and critical thinking.  He has used his research and professional practice into these two areas as a means of focusing our attention and applying elemental dynamics of thought to improve our potential and to enhance our personal and professional development.  The process he uses to create this state of being is called NcepTioN-MindWeaving.


The four basic Critical & Creative Concepts are Ideational Fluency, Inquiry that Incites Insight, Critico-Creative Process, and Beyond Thinking. These elements and their representational dyamics and processes represent the "heart" of MindWeaving.  They are metacognitive, experience–based techniques that help in problem finding & problem solving, learning and discovery. They help lead to NcepTioN.


Please feel free to explore my Critical & Creative Concepts for more information.





from inception to reception,

from pre–ception to post–ception,

I can help you . . .


     Throughout my life, I have been pursuing my intense curiosity and interest in how human beings succeed, thrive and/or fail, in following and attaining their passions and talents, as well as in studying their primary endeavors about fulfilling their senses of curiosity, ambition and drive.


     I have now reached a point in my life where I am offering the insights gained into this fascinating

quest to you. No matter whether or not you are facing a professional conundrum or a personal koan of development—


     if you are at a point of curiosity;


     if you at the crossroads of frustration with a problem;


     if you find that you wish to explore an option of exploration for further investigation;


     if you find yourself scratching at an irrepressible itch for further knowledge; and,


     if you wish to deepen the knowledge you already have and implement that knowledge into a  

     mastery of your professional craft


my services are for you.



    I have been very fortunate because I have had the opportunity to work in a wide variety of fields, such as a solo, concert classical guitarist, a newspaper writer, a UPS driver, a factory worker and a farm helper, including being a teacher and a professor—and being twice awarded tenure as an assistant and associate professor, respectively, at two separate universities. 


     In my teaching, I have taught at the primary, middle-school, high school, undergraduate and graduate levels.  I have applied my research with not only artists and educators, but with inventors, physicists, bioengineers, nano–technologists, and earth materials scientists, as well as with those in the banking industry. My research embraces the following two notions:


    1.  We can be critical while being creative; and


    2.     We can be creative while being critical.