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Dr. A. Keith Carreiro is available to conduct workshops for teachers, administrators and other educational practitioners in the following listed areas.


1.  Ideational Fluency


2.  Inquiry that Incites Insight


3.  Critico-Creative Process


4.  Revelatory Teaching — Beyond Thinking


Results you can achieve from participating in these workshops:


 • Solving some of your biggest challenges in teaching

 • A dramatic increase in your ability to create lesson and unit plans

 • More satisfaction with teaching and job performance at work as well as at home

 • Teaching more by using inspiration, imagination, creativity and critical thinking

 • Attain a deeper appreciation for, and sensibility in, the use of creative awareness

 • Getting in touch with your passion for teaching

 • Moving from "I must" towards "I want to"

 • Increased capacity to be reflective in teaching by merging theory with practice

 • Improved collaborative teaching performance                                

 • Integrating many new curriculum strategies into your lessons while utilizing district, regional, state and      national benchmarks

 • Further developing instructional skills and your overall professional development

 • Managing worry and anxiety more effectively

 • Dealing successfully with lesson plans by turning a seeming hindrance into an instance of brilliance

 • Better work/life balance

 • Managing stress

 • Organizing complex tasks




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Dr. Carreiro maintains an active consulting schedule.  Known as a thought coach, his expertise is used to help improve research, writing, policy initiatives, curriculum enrichment, clinical teaching intervention and policy development.  He consults on an individual basis, group or departmental level and also addresses school and district wide educational needs.


As a former public school teacher (elementary and high school levels), and professor in education (with expertise in teaching, curriculum and learning environments at graduate and undergraduate levels, including the supervision of teacher and superintendent interns), Dr. Carreiro understands the challenges of teaching and the opportunities available to those educators and administrators who wish to excel in their respective fields of practice.


One of the ways he helps professionals is through the vehicle of coaching. Coaching can assist you in your professional development in ways that are often difficult to generate on your own.  Often, in coaching, clients will be more open about the nature of their work than with their family, friends and colleagues. As a result of this more open partnership, you can move more quickly from problem posing & problem finding to successful resolution of challenges confronting you.


Coaching is a collaborative and a generative relationship in which the coach and you enter a thought–provoking and creative process that inspires you to attain maximum personal and professional potential. It is based on individual–initiated change in pursuit of specific actionable outcomes.  The coach helps you establish what you want to achieve through creating practical action plans to help you attain those goals, hopes and dreams that you have in becoming more successful in your work.


Coaching honors the client as the expert in his/her life and work and believes that every client is creative, resourceful and whole. The coach’s job is to provide support to enhance the skills, resources and creativity that already reside within the client’s background, natural abilities and professional skills.


Dr. Carreiro can help provide you with an alternative viewpoint that is based upon your own exploration in self–discovery.  New perspectives are realized in vitally powerful ways that are grounded upon your own understanding and insights. Together, a coach and client can invoke the potential of the client's senses, beliefs, awareness, dreams and goals for living a better life; they may even evoke and awaken the age long virtue in sharing the greatness of the human spirit with one another.


Clients can expect the following benefits:


 • Enhanced creative awareness and critical thinking

 • Focused attention

 • Capacity to apply elemental dynamics of thought to improve one’s potential

 • Renewed passion in exploring key ideas central to your sense of education

 • Greater discernment in achieving intellectual enjoyment of teaching and learning

 • More inspiration and lucidity of purpose

 • Intuition, emotion and cognition are merged together using self–determination,

   interest & knowledge with local, state, regional and national academic benchmarks

 • Deeper sense of the enjoyment and celebration inherent in teaching and learning

 • Reaching a joy of verification only found in the mastery of one’s professional craft

 • Improved vitality

 • A sense of moving forward into the future in a proactive manner




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Dr. Carreiro is available for speaking engagements, presentations and workshops. He is a gifted speaker and instructional facilitator whose professional and research interests include teaching and learning, curriculum and professional development, and other pertinent concerns related to his research on creativity and critical thinking in educational practice.  Embracing the four categories of NcepTioN-MindWeaving, the subject matter of his presentational work covers the following listed areas below:


 the power the performing arts have on us

 our ability to "express" highly symbolic material on multiple levels of awareness, knowing and meaning


 symbolic & ideational fluency

 critical discernment

 creativity and critical thinking

 • exploring intuition and idea generation


For more information about pricing, fees & services, please contact Dr. Carreiro.